Cutting the Cost of Pet Grooming


My husband and I are the proud owners of three lovable dogs who are just like members of our family. We want the best we can afford for them and believe you me they do have their little ways of taking advantage of us. Our two small indoor outdoor dogs, lovers of nature, are Lhasa Apso designer breed. Oh my, what a bountiful supply of hair! Fortunately, our large dog has short hair and needs hugs more than he does trims and loves living outdoors in his good size backyard.

After countless trips to the groomer I decided to go frugal and cut corners in spending by learning to trim my pets in between visits so that I did not have to take them to the groomer as often. In the process of learning I must have watched every video about dog grooming on the web until I landed on the perfect one for our Lhasa Apso dogs.

Since we are currently living in a small rural area I wasn’t able to find the proper grooming tools I needed so again I turned to the Web. So here I go investing in tools of the trade to save on grooming cost but in the long run it definitely did pay off. Let us say if I take my two Lhasa Apsos to the groomer six times a year or every two months the expense can run around $1200 a year depending on which groomer I use and baring any special treatment they may need such as sever dematting. Whereas, being frugal and purchasing my own groomer tools for trims and touchups, for starting up, cost me under $200. I think you will agree that’s a substantial savings which can cut your cost of living by a good percentage.

I started my pet trimming kit with the following equipment:

  • Regular Large Size Pet Cordless Clippers for faster trimming overall.
  • Medium Size Pet Cordless Clippers for trimming face, head, neck, and tummy area.
  • Small Pet Trimmer Clippers for trimming in between paw pads.
  • Pet Trimming Scissor Set, that will include rounded tips, thinning shears, straight and curved scissors.
  • Pet Nail Clippers.

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